About me

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Working in the advertising and design industry has IPhonePicttaught me many things. Like whenever you think you know everything and feel comfortable you should be very afraid. This discomfort for the unknown has fueled my passion for creating smart, innovative, and beautiful campaigns for agency clients all around the world. I have been fortunate to work for titans in the industry such as Jung Von Matt, Goodby Silverstein and Partners, Cossette, Leo Burnett, and Strawberry Frog, to name a few.

In my days as a hybrid Art Director, I have brought home some of the hardware bacon. Meaning… Awards. It’s just more fun to say it that way. If you are interested in that sort of stuff, and I don’t judge you for that, see below.


Kelly Award finalist, Creativity Pick of the Day, CMYK magazine,
One Show Bronze, Graphis Design Annual, ONE the Magazine cover, Addys
The Big Ad Gig Finalist, Adweek Talent Gallery featured artist.
Click here for a pdf version of my resume